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I Didn't Know  / RJ Willing (Classmate......fello--w Soldier )
I didn't know Patrick personally but share in your loss. It's sad to lose a Soldier but even sadder to lose such a good man. Know that each time a Soldier falls, there are thousand here to help. Stories like Patrick's let those who may not know what true sacrifice is and perhaps can change a heart.... Or two.
Still On Patrol  / Jessie Schager (579th veteran OIF )

Still On Patrol
By Jessie Schager (OIF brother) June 2011
For my Brothers I have lost in Iraq.

Dedicated to everyone who has lost someone in combat...

Still On Patrol

Like waves that smash against the rocky coast
Memories I hold smash against my soul
The guilt of leaving you behind wearing at the very inner parts of my being
The nights keep getting longer
The days getting darker than the day before
The day you were taken from us comes back around like clockwork
Reopening the wound
Learning to live again made hard by the memories from my past
I could never change what has happened
That doesn’t mean I don’t wish it with all that I have left
My heart forever next to you while you are still on patrol
Can I learn to live again?
Or is this my punishment for not being there for you?
I am sorry for letting you down my brother
Please forgive me so that my soul can find a place to rest right next to you.

Memories of an old friend  / Joe Mulholland (Fellow Soldier )

Pat and I went through Basic Training together. I cannot put into words how much of an influence he was on myself and the rest of the platoon. No matter how hard it got no matter how bleak things appeared to be he always there reassuring us that we would be just fine. He was a natural leader one of only a few that we had. I wish I had more time to get to know him. After I learned of his death I was walking through the grocery store magazine aisle. A copy of "Import Tuner" magazine caught my eye (which was odd because I'm more of a big truck kind of guy) but I opened it saw the Infinity G35 with Patrick's face painted on the side. I immediately began the middle of the grocery store. My brother had no idea why I was crying until later when I explained why. I still have that copy of Import Tuner Magazine and I do not intend on getting rid of it. Patrick was and still is a part of my life. I thank him for everything he did for me even though I'm sure he didnt think much of it at the time. I am truly sorry for your family's loss. I feel the world is a better place knowing that Patrick McCaffrey was a part of it. Thank you and God Bless.


Joe Mulholland

I MISS HIM  / Christopher Ulen ((Friend/Soldier))

I miss him. I think about him everyday and as much as I try to get that day out of my head I can't. I did everything in my power to keep him alive but I couldn't. I miss him...
We couldnt get there in time to help  / Victor P. (soldier)

Scout platoon on June 22 2004, Balad, Iraq
"My name is spc victor putnam and i was with the scout platoon overwatching your sons unit that day. i have never felt so helpless and angry in my entire life.
we couldnt get there in time to help. even though those responsible were later foundit still hurts and even though i didnt know him personally i met him and lt. tyson that day before the mission.
i am so sorry."

Victor A. P.

Childhood in SF Bay Area  / L. R. (Friend)

Nadia I dont know if you remember me but I grew up directly across the street from you... I remember when you lived in the house in the rear left side of the complex. I lived in the house with brick directly across from your driveway. 

I have seen your site and did not just stumble across it....when Patrick passed in 2004  I constructed a small memorial honoring him that still sits to this day outside my home in the front landscape. It memorializes Patick and his Great sacrafice. I did not get to know him well but I did know he had a good heart and soul. He was always cheerful and when our paths crossed he always greeted me with a "Hello"....When I heard of his death my heart sunk to my feet. During this time I remember Bob was still living in the house in Sunnyvale and he would walk around with his head down. I never knew what to say to him. What could I say that would make him feel any better. Words failed me. Please tell him for me that my family and I grieved for Patrick and your family more than one could imagine. I will miss him dearly...he was such a wonderful person...

I have some items that I can donate that are on your wish list. Please let me know where I can deliver them to and I will drop them off. Additionally I have collected some money that my neighborhood would like to donate in Patrick's name as well.



To My Fallen Comrade  / N. P. (Friend, Soldier )

To my fallen commrade

The hardest thing to envision was the loss of a friend and a fellow platoon member. The hardest thing that hit me was the rollcall that you would no longer be among us. From that day on it took all my strength both physically and emotionally to make it through. You Lt Tyson and SFC Ottolini are our loss and we will never forget. Your compassion for taking care of others your big heart your infectious personality you were always steady and firm and 2nd Platoon could always count on you. Even though you have left us we still feel as you have never left. Patrick you are still our guardian angel watching over us and your family wherever we are. Your one-hundred brothers will never forget you Lt. Tyson and SFC Ottolini.
— 2ndPlt member

I served in Iraq with Patrick  / Jose Lau (Friend)

"Mrs Nadia

my name is Jose. You met my wife and son a few times. Her name is Mary. I served with Patrick in the states. I was activated with a different unit and went to a different camp. I am sorry for the loss of your son. He was a great man. I was devastated to hear about his death. I remember when I first met him he was at his first drill and everyone loved him. He was always smiling. I know that you have been told how great of a soldier your son was. I respect him and looked up to him. The reason he joined alone shows what kind of a man he was. He did not join for school or money like many others; he joined for the love of his country and I admired him for that. He is an inspiration to me and to every one that knew him. The last time I saw him was in Kuwait before we crossed the border. He told me to take extra care of myself because I have a son to come home to. I wanted to write to you and tell you how much he meant to me and everyone he served with. Patrick was a great friend and will always be remembered. Spc Jose Lau"
Jose Lau of Livermore I served in Iraq with Patrick McCaffrey

Helping Veterans  / K. W. (Friend)

I don't know if we formally met but I served with your Son Patrick at A 579th Engineers before and during Iraq. I have now retired and have decided to work for the VA so I can continue to fight for the rights our veterans so dearly deserve. In memory of Patrick whom will always be in my heart.

K. W.

Oh my God... it 3.30 AM monday June 28 2010 

I got up because I couldn't sleep and and I go to my computer and start searching the internet for anything, just to kill time than I remember the place that I worked at for 8 years from 1992 to 2000 a body shop: Akins Body Shop in Palo Alto, and than started searching, thinking: what ever happen to this place now, if my friend Patrick still work there since I have lost comunication with him and others employees for  many years?

  I Came a cross with a shock-news that my friend Patrick had died in combat i couldn't believe it, I had to wake my wife and told her that my friend Patrick had died. The first thing my wife said: yea I remember him very well because you used to give him a ride home after work and he always was a good friend to me. I remember him teaching me about details how to paint a car and other stuff because he want it to be manager someday he was a good man, I cannot believe that he is gone... I am crying at this moment I still cannot believe such good person is gone because Patrick was a good man and a leader. 

 I remember he became manager in that shop in less than a year he was a natural leader and always protected his employes.

Patrick I thank you for all the help and friendship you gave me, for the service to  this great country. I will keep you in my prayers.  I will always remember you, I know God has a very special place for you thank you for the friendship, good bye my friend...

6th Anniversary  / Mary M. (Friend)

 My thoughts are with you and all of Patrick's family and friends today. I am sad I did not get to meet such an outstanding son husband and father. I am sending a long distance hug to his amazing mother! Take care of yourself Nadia.

Mary McNerney

6th Anniversary  / Rick C. (Marine)
Rick C. June 22 2010
Today I think of you and my fallen brother in arms. I thank Patrick for his service and sacrifice he made for us all. He is a true HERO a Soldier for all eternity and now a Guardian Angel too many. I thank YOU for your sacrifice and the love you gave which made Patrick the man he is. Your families sacrifices and devotion to freedom the fellow comrade and to our Country is far greater than one can ever imagine.

Today I will give a moment of silence for Patrick and the fallen. It is an honor to be part of his life through you. It is an Honor to be part of your life and all you do! Today I am not saddened by this date I am proud to be part of his family and his life! He is looking over us all with smiles and laughter he is in our hearts filling them with joy and love! He is happy that he has a mother like you and a family(wife/kids) because of YOU!

I love you and your family. I hope today is a celebration of life and happy memories Patrick would want it to be that way! Semper Fi
Thoughts on this day  / Bill Pola (Task Force Tacoma )

To the Family of SGT McCaffrey

I was a staff officer in Task Force Tacoma. I wanted to write to you and let you know that Sergeant McCaffrey is in my thoughts every year at this time. I wear a memorial bracelet in his honor this week every year. I never met him but I can see from the notes here on this site that he was well loved and is sorely missed.

Major Bill Pola


..."I know that you saw the pictures of the Abu Graib abuse-episode with the prisoners and few bad US soldiers....believe me Mom many of us are ashamed of them and they don't deserve to wear our colors" Sgt Patrick Ryan McCaffrey Juni 2004.

Lorenzo C. : Nadia your son has just become one of my heroes. He represented the best of this nation. I will forward this message to my kids so they will also appreciate your son's integrity. 

I was a friend of your son  / Timothy A. Peck (Friend)

Nadia I was a friend of your son.

I was his Sqd. leader. Until he went to Iraq. I ended up in Egypt. I admired and liked Pat very much. Do to circumstances I could not go with the company to Iraq. I feel that maybe things would have been different had I been there. I will Regret not being with him the rest of my life.
All friendship and kindness to you.
SSG Timothy A. Peck (RET)

In Memory of Sgt Patrick R. McCaffrey Sr.  / CHARLES J. (veteran)

Charles J. Visiting this memorial site today for your son brings me closer to feeling freedoms cost even more. He would have been two months older than me this year and I hope another 33000 people will visit to know the courage that his mother now shows in her ...struggle to help other veterans. The Valley Forge Center to this veteran represents hope for the many. We Thank your son for his sacrifice to our great nation and your dedication to those who have carried Freedom's Torch into battle.

God Bless

You are missed  / Thomas Bennett (Friend)

I know it is Memorial Day, I knew it was coming.  Somehow, on this day, it always hits me hard in the gut.

You are missed my Friend.

Sgt. T. Bennett



A friend From The Past  / Silvia B. (Mom's Friend )

A Friend From The Past...

Dearest Nadia,

You had been in my mind on and off since the tragic death of your beloved son Patrick.
I listened to you on NPR yesterday, my deepest condolences for the loss of your son.
On Monday, May 25th Veterans for Peace will have Arlington West in Oceanside, CA honoring our fallen soldiers. I will participate and will bring some flowers, and also I will say some prayers on your son's name.

Warmest regards from your long time Friend Silvia who onced visited you at your home in Sunnyvale, and I had the pleasure and honor of meeting your son Patrick.

Many hugs,

Silvia B.

In the broad Daylight  / Steve Medina (none)

In the Broad Daylight

By Steve Medina, US Army Veteran

If I die, please bring me home in the broad daylight Don’t sneak me home in the black of the night Just bring me home in the broad day light Wrap me up in red , white and blue Remember that, that I died for you Just bring me home in the broad daylight Have a band that plays just for me As I touch down on the home of the free Just bring me home in the broad daylight We who fight and we who die don’t even question why We just hope and we just pray that we kept you from harms ways Just send me home in the broad daylight If I die, please bring me home in the broad daylight Don’t sneak me home in the black of the night Just bring me home in the broad daylight Be proud of me and let my country see That I’ve come home or what’s left of me Just bring me home in the broad daylight My flag-covered box of death is lined up with all the rest And if my country can’t see It will be so much easier to make more of me Just bring me home in the broad day light Please bring me home in the broad daylight Let them see so they can be proud of me If I die, Please bring me home in the broad daylight!

I wanna share my words about your Wonderful Son  / Marie K. (friend)

 I wanna to share my words about your Wonderful Son 

Dear Mrs Mc Caffrey,

Well you don't know me but I was a friend of your
Son Patrick we were friends on line we would chat all the time. I just found out about his dead like a month ago I was so in shock and could not believe when I seen the News on TV and they said his name and pic OMG the tears just started rolling down my face. I just got the courage to send you an email letting you know how Patrick was a blessing to know. I know his Birthday is coming up this Sat.."" Happy Birthday Patrick"" I would always tell my friends I wonder how My friend Patrick is doing. I used to pray for him all the time and I would send him cards and emails and wonder why he never answer me back.. the last time I chat with him on June 10, 2004 and he was saying he was tired and that is was hot there.. Ms McCaffrey and I am so sorry to hear the lost of
your Wonderful Son Patrick. he was a very Loving and Caring Man & Father we talk about each others lifes. he made me open my eyes about my life he was a wonderful man and I will never forget your
Thank you for letting me share with you about how I knew your Wonderful Son


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